Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahhh, supper!

As local as it gets, a mere few steps from my back door. From vine to dinnerplate in a flash.

And, by the way, this one is still up there and still green. And now has siblings! (There are also more tomatoes growing in clusters much lower on this plant.)

My cucumbers have not fared well :( They get the size of a very small gherkin, then turn yellow and shrivel from the blossom end inwards. They'll be gone today.

But the basil has taken well and will provide a pesto for homemade pasta. Yum!


Maria said...

Beautiful!! Sorry about the cucumbers, though!!

Wendy said...

Looks beautiful! A little cheese, some good crusty french bread, that tomato and some pesto from your basil ... sounds like a meal fit for a King ... er, Queen :).