Friday, July 9, 2010

I got the blues.......and the browns

Yesterday's focus was on food.
While I waited in this constantly 80 degree condo for the gas company technician to arrive and do the annual service on the furnace I (naturally) thought about food. I pulled out my copy of "Pasta Recipes & Techniques" by the Cooking Club of America (thrifted for 50 cents) and turned to page 55. Buckwheat pasta was on my agenda. I had purchased some from the bulk bins in anticipation of this. It went together very easily and quickly turned silky smooth. I let it rest and then rolled it - not too thin - then cut it into fettucini strips. By halving the recipe in the book I have four servings worth of pasta to which will be added whatever veggies I find at the market this weekend.

That's the brown.

After the technician left (by the way, when he arrived he instructed me to turn the heat ON and cranked up to 82 - sheesh! Isn't it hot enough in here?), I decided to take a ride to the PYO berry farm for some blueberries. Hot or not, I want some blues! Their hours were reduced during the heat wave earlier this week but the message on their phone line announced they were back to normal hours so I trotted up there to pick in the midday sun. I only lasted for a half tray's worth but I'm happy with that. I brought some to my mother and froze the rest (next to my bags of sliced strawberries from June). They will be popped into yogurt, oatmeal, or pancakes over the next few months. Ah, have I got the blues!


Yiota said...

I never thought of freezing berries. Thanks for the tip! We're going to our village again this weekend; I'll pick some strawberries to freeze.

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

I am impressed with your buckwheat pasta!

Maria said...

I have to ask where one purchases buckwheat from bins - I don't know of anywhere around here.....

I'm glad you survived picking blueberries - yesterday was not as bad as it's been!!!!! Looks like fun!

Mary said...

Love your photos...have you made buckwheat pancakes? yummmmmm

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi folks,
Thanks for stopping by. Those berries came in handy tonight! My "it's-too-hot-to-cook" supper was yogurt with mixed berries!

Hi Maria,
I bought the buckwheat flour in VT the other day, but the Whole Foods might have it. (I have seen it in little two-pound sacks at different natural foods stores.)

Hi Mary,
I've added a few spoonfuls to pre-made pancake mix, which I've enjoyed. Do you have a from-scratch recipe for them?