Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Changing mid-thought

I am working on a energy-related post, but decided to keep it light today. Probably because I enjoyed a car-free commute to work today. I packed up a change of clothes and rode my bike. The weather was perfect; warm but not too warm. Tonight has become overcast and showers are on their way, which made the ride home cool and relaxing. I'm sitting on the deck after a dinner of lentil burgers with Italian marinated veggies and a cool glass of milk. Anyway, it's too peaceful to add on to the other post. I'll work on it tomorrow. Let's talk about last weekend....

I enjoyed an Easter meal with my mother on Saturday, since I was already there to take her to the hairdresser. Our family tradition is Easter breakfast; eggs scrambled with ricotta and mozzarella, cooked slow, with hot Italian sausage and bacon mixed in (pre-cooked, of course). Add hard rolls and lots of coffee, and you can't move till lunch :) Well, we didn't eat as much as all that....

So on Sunday I decided to drive up to the bike path in Hamden around noon, which turned out to be a good idea. Not only was it a bright, sunny day, but it didn't get crowded until after 1:00, when families started walking off their repast. I'm starting to think about upgrading. I love my Schwinn, but I need a real road bike for these trips. Maybe later this summer.

Here are a few pics from Sunday. I hope you enjoy.

Yes, we're just enjoying forsythia here. It's been in bloom for almost two weeks. Daffodils are almost done, azaleas just started. Spring is a beautiful time of year.


Spring Lake Farm said...

It looked to be a glorious day! After this past wet, cold winter I have really enjoyed the warm, dry days. I've enjoyed reading about the decisions you've made. I have always thought about cutting off the cable for three months but as of yet haven't found the courage. You've been an inspiration.


Maria said...

Wasn't it wonderful on Sunday.....and today is supposed to be beautiful in this neck of the woods too!

Enjoy your rides on the bike!!!