Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quick notes

This was one of those work weeks where I drag myself home after work, exhausted. This was month-end closing, which is getting more complicated as business grows (yes, grows!). There's been extra work for everyone. So I didn't post much this week. My online time was limited to reading everyone's blogs.

With the soon-to-be-Spring-and-good-weather on the way, I made a call to my cable company and requested a disconnect as of the end of this billing period, which is March 15th. At that time I will no longer have a television signal, and I plan on spending more time outdoors. Hooray! I haven't been watching much on the tube, and decided to officially unplug. I get my news via radio stations and online so I shouldn't be missing anything important.

In a spurt of energy that sprung from who-knows-where, I painted the bathroom a few nights ago. I'm finished! Every room looks so clean and cheery now. I can officially put my painting supplies in the basement. New appliances are on their way, and then I have to arrange to replace the air conditioning unit, at which point this condo will be ready for sale. Please keep your fingers crossed that the economy and housing market starts improving this spring!

Now it's time to start thinking about printing out my tax documents. I suppose I shouldn't put it off much longer.....

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farmlady said...

Well no wonder you're tired. You've been working you tail off. It must feel good to get that painting done. I have a laundry room to do when the weather gets warmer. Wanna come and help?