Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nor'easter, they say....

Rain, wind, power outages, trees down - that's CT this weekend. The only thing to do was sit inside, listen to the rain, and watch the blowing trees. One section of the Merritt Parkway was closed due to a tree that fell across the road. Coincidentally, said tree caused my nephew from New Hampshire and his wife and daughter to sit in the stopped traffic. They were driving down to visit my mother this weekend. When they arrived, we chatted away and enjoyed a satisfying dinner. As we were clearing off the table the electricity went out but thanks to a small rechargeable lamp designed to turn on when the power goes out, we kept on as if nothing had happened, sitting in a semi-dark apartment. My two year old niece (grandniece?) enjoyed exploring the effects of a small flashlight. And we all enjoyed watching her fascination with this new experience. (Small children are good for the heart!)
Well, my mother's senior citizens apartment may not be set up for a major power problem or the end of our cushy lifestyle and dependency on oil, but the five of us did very nicely for a few hours with nothing but each others company. We needed nothing else.

Here's hoping you are content this weekend, no matter what the weather!

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