Thursday, March 4, 2010

Location, location, location

These are some sites I've been scouting for Rob's Gorilla Gardener Challenge. They were dull weedy spots. They are now pockets of potential prettiness.

Here is the current view at this offset intersection. I'm imagining nasturtiums draping from the mossy pockets on this rock facing, their orange and red flowers brightening the grey background. (If I owned this property, I'd love to dress it up with beaucoup colorful flowers. But it's not, and I can't haul that much water on my bike.)

The second option is a dreary, overgrown intersection right near work. I think that these commuters would enjoy some pretty flowers here! I could take a Johnny Appleseed walk on my lunch hour, and drop some seeds near the signs in the distance of this photo. If I plant the seeds right before we get some rain, they could be off to a good start. I can bike to work with water bottles to supplement the rain. I've bought a few packets of sunflower and cosmos seeds. Either one does well with natural average rainfall, in case I can't carry enough water on a regular basis. And they both reseed, so they may come back next year!

I have one other site in mind, but I'll keep that one quiet...for now...

We're still below temperature to plant outdoors (30-ish at night, 40-ish today), but that just allows more time for planning.

Are you tempted? Have you been considering spreading the floral cheer? Wouldn't it be nice to plant some flowers in an unexpected spot, where others can enjoy them? Maybe add some brightness to a dull commute? One pack of seeds doesn't cost very much, but can contribute to so much good will. Take a quick hop over to Rob's World and sign up. It's not a competition, just a nice way to make the neighborhood a little brighter.

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