Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last weekend

This past weekend I enjoyed a ride on the bikepath before my appointment with those tax preparer people.

They had some news for me, good or bad, depending on how you look at it. I file Single, just claiming myself, so the government taxes me at a high rate. I’m getting a tax refund this year, that’s good. But that also means I don’t make enough to pay the taxes that I’m required to pay, which is bad. Either way, I’ll be using the money to pay off the appliances I just bought to make this condo saleable, which is good.

I also experimented with a small batch of homemade granola. I love granola but don't buy it because of the added sweeteners. The recipe I came across (I haven't a clue where it was from - I had printed it quite a while back) uses a banana and dates as the sweetness factor. I've been taking it for snacks at work, yummy.

I also made a fennel salad from this book

Surprisingly, the fennel flavor was muted. It is mixed with beets, olive oil, gorgonzola, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. I didn't take a picture of the finished product because, well, the beets turn everything pink. But I love the salad and will definitely make it again.

There are several recipes in Vegetable Heaven that I will try over the next few weeks. My routine has been getting a little stale, lately, so it's time to try some new things :)

P.S. I got some good leads on bikepaths from friends at work, woo hoo!!!


farmlady said...

Where's the granola RECIPE?? I would love a good granola RECIPE. We need RECIPES with the photos...
I need to eat something..., or I get cranky.
GRANOLA would be nice..., if I had the RECIPE.
(this is sarcasm, just so you don't think I'm just being strange.)

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Oooops! sarcasm noted, but you're right - I should have thought of posting it! I cut the following recipe, and made about one-third of the following:

8 cups rolled oats
2/3 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup nuts, chopped (almonds, hazelnuts, etc)
3 ripe bananas
1 1/4 cup pitted dates
1/2 cup hot water
1 Tablespoon vanilla

Mix together first three ingredients in large bowl. Whiz last four ingredients in food processor or blender. Stir into oat mixture. Spread on 2 cookie sheets. Bake at 200 degrees for one hour, sitrring 3 or 4 times during baking.

*** Please note: this is not my recipe, and I can't figure out where I copied it from. So if it belongs to someone reading this, thanks for the great granola!

Also, anyone else have some good granola recipes they'd like to share?

Maria said...

Sounds like two good recipes!

Also, there is a great walking/biking Path in Derby. It is called the River Walk or the Greenway. I don't exactly know where you are, but I know somewhere in CT. Most people do walk/run, but some ride and then you can extend it over the Housatonic River onto the Shelton Side and their River walk. On a nice day, the views are beautiful (on a cloudy day, the views are also beautiful!). E-mail me if you want more info.

gardenmama said...

Your granola sounds wonderful!
I look forward to checking out this book, I have two of her cookbooks and they are two favorites!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Maria,
That's the one I just heard about - from the Shelton side. Some of my co-workers commute from just north of there.

Hi gardenmama,
There are enough interesting recipes in here to experiment for a while, but I'll probably check out her other books, too!