Sunday, February 7, 2010

Through a different pair of eyes

MyStory had some very interesting thoughts in her latest post about what we would do if we knew we were facing our own ending. When we are full of the business of life it is difficult to imagine. Have we crossed all our T's and dotted our I's? Have we done, or even attempted, everything that we really desire? Or are we behaving as we are expected, disregarding our own ambitions? Would we happily leave others behind, knowing that we have passed on all our love and life energy to them?

I am now looking at this very subject from the other side, since a phone call this week cut me to the core. One of my dearest friends in Vermont was rushed to the hospital. Skipping the complicated details, she is now waiting for biopsy results. Even though she is twenty years my elder, I did not expect this news or the foreboding that it carries. In my mind she would still have the coffee pot on when I move back to VT. Realistically, even if the results are good, her general health is not.

Now the clock has chimed the eleventh hour. Have I done and said all I should for her? Have I given at least as much as I received, in terms of friendship and help? Will I be regretful of neglect? This woman was a key person in my life at one of my "low" spots, encouraging strength and honor, and guiding by questioning.

I will be away next weekend. We will have a three day weekend from work and I must take advantage of this coincidence to visit my family and a friend.


Anonymous said...

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at 47 and died about a year later. I was 24 at the time, and it really changed my life. All I could think of was how there was so much she wanted to do, and how she would always tell me about how she was going to do it after my brother (her youngest child) graduated from high school. She died the spring after he did. So since then, almost 15 years now, I always try to never put something off. None of us have a guarantee of later.

MyStory of HiStory said...

I hope you have a really good visit with your friend. You making a point to see her now will likely mean so much to her.

Maria said...

I am glad that you are going to see your friend. That will help her AND you in so many ways. Never forget to tell the "key" people in your life how much you love them.....

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello liveonce,
Speaking as a mother, I'm sure the "things" she wanted to do were not as important to her as being there for you and your brother. The two of you were more important than anything else to her.

Hi MyStory, and Maria,
Thank you for your kind words.