Monday, February 1, 2010

This was too easy!

I'm enjoying my second cup of coffee this morning. It took literally seconds to make. And it was in the fridge since yesterday.

This experiment is for my February One Small Change challenge, to waste less electricity used for making coffee in the mornings. I tend to leave the coffeemaker on for an hour or more while I get my caffeinated fix. I found several articles, advertisements, and even forums about cold-brewed coffee and decided to give it a try.

From what I have read online, the acid and oils in coffee beans are released with heat. In an article over at MSNBC Seattle's Best and Starbuck's were both tested for pH - the lower the pH, the higher the acid. Seattle (which cold-brews their coffee for iced drinks) had a 6.31 pH of while Starbuck's (which heat-brews theirs) was 5.48. Also, it is the oils which go *rancid*, and give that off-taste after sitting too long. So cold-brewing should lessen that, too.

So yesterday morning, after I finished my second cup of Capresso brewed coffee, I took out a canning jar and some inexpensive but acceptable coffee. I put one and one-half cups water in the jar.

Added one-third cup coffee.

Gave a gentle stir, just enough to get the grounds wet. And put it in the fridge.

After twelve hours I strained the grounds using a filter set in a strainer, and put it back in the chiller for the night. (The aroma was tempting, but I decided to wait until morning....)

This morning I mixed equal parts coffee mixture and water and nuked it. Really, takes no time at all.

AND, I think it has a richer, more pleasing flavor. For an inexpensive coffee, it put the coffee shop stuff on notice!
I've got enough for tomorrow morning, too. Now I'll have to experiment with larger quantities so I'll only have to prepare it once a week. Folks who wrote in the forums stated that their mix would keep up to two weeks.


Anonymous said...

How innovative. I never would have even thought to find out if you could cold brew coffee.

Scattering Lupines said...

You are absolutely amazing and positively inspiring. You have both the personal experience AND the research wrapped up in this information. And so concise!

Oh, and if you go to the library for those books I listed in my post the other day, I highly recommend skipping "A Woman's Life." It's basically about a girl who has romantic notions of love and marries someone who turns out to be a terrible human being. He cheats on her repeatedly, makes her life miserable, slowly drags her down into a deep pit of depression and the whole time the main female character allows the depression to swallow her life and lives wallering in self-pity and despair, refusing to take control and seek happiness.

I really wouldn't waste my time if I were you. The others are arguably worth the read. However, if you do read that one or any of the others I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Robj98168 said...

NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE NOW! GOnna have to try it. As for me, I have a one cup brewer that shuts off when done

Cat said...

i am sooooo gonna try this!!

Maria said...

Looking forward to giving it a try......

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi folks,
Please write back to let me know if you try this, and any comments/suggestions. I'm glad it was entertaining, at the least!

Hi Cat,
Thanks for stopping by!

Hi MyStory,
I have two other books on the HOT list, but then I'll be checking out some of your suggestions. More book posts coming up :)

farmlady said...

Amazing!! I will definitely try this. Thank you.

Chile said...

I used to do this years ago. Not sure why I quit, but thanks for the reminder.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi farmlady,
Please let me know if you do, and how it turns out.

Hi Chile,
Thanks for stopping by! I do feel honored!!!