Thursday, February 25, 2010

Honey and cinnamon

My emails have thankfully thinned down to (mostly) notes from friends and family, with the occassional forwarded joke or chain letter. (See my earlier post.) I am no longer stressed to delete, delete, delete ninetynine percent of my inbox in fear of offending any person who expected me to send back a 'bouquet' or balloon bunch.

Tonight, however, I received an interesting email which I really hope has valid information since I love my raw honey and always liked cinnamon. Can anyone verify whether a mixture of honey and cinnamon, added to either hot tea or a glass of warm water, is effective against arthritis, cholesterol, bladder infections, colds, influenza, immune system, fatigue and upset stomach? Is there an online source to check the benefits of this natural combination?


Maria said...

My mom and grandmother swore by raw honey. And my sister does too. I always have it in the house but don't use it as often as I should except in a cup of tea. My sister swears that LOCAL raw honey is the antidote for allergies. I really don't know.

Scattering Lupines said...

No idea, but I love honey and cinnamon! One of my favorite fall/winter combos.

Wendy said...

Here's a great article on all the stuff that honey and cinnamon "cure." None of it has been verified, and while they may not do as much good as is claimed, there is no harm in drinking tea with cinnamon and honey.