Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Odds and ends

I've been down for the past few days with a cold. It started with a scratchy throat a week ago, and I thought I could keep ahead of it with moist steam, saline spray, lots and lots of fluids, over the counter meds, and homemade chicken soup, but this one was stubborn. It's settling into my chest, so I turned to my doctor who sanctioned everything I had tried but said it's time to give in to antibiotics. I'm hoping that feeling worse today means the stuff is working....?

Rob, the Master of Make-Do and constant inspiration in the creativity department over at Rob's World, is a voice of social conciousness. His posts on energy awareness have inspired me many times. One of his latest finds is a solar light from Ikea. The best part is that Ikea will send one of these solar lights to a child in Pakistan for every light sold. I've put in my order. But wait! If you are a regular reader of Rob's blog, you would have read about his give-away. He has one of these solar lights that he will give to a lucky reader who comments by January 24th. Check it out. While you're there you might want to catch up on Romeo, the cutest li'l dog there could be.

For all you thrifters out there, and you know who you are, making that weekly run to the second-hand stores, waiting impatiently for the start of yard sale season, admiring your best friends grandmother's wedding ring.....there's a new show on cable called American Pickers. Now these guys really have good sources. I would LOVE to go scouting through the old barns they were climbing through on the show that aired Monday night. Everything was rusted, a key sign of good ol' stuff. Not that I need the rusted shell of an old Vespa, or a carnival kiddy ride, but I have this space on my deck that could use a twelve foot tall operating advertising sign from the mid-twentieth century.....

Please keep the people of Haiti in mind. Along with all the doctors, nurses, and volunteers who have gone to help. Also, the troops who are there to protect the peace and calm the survivors.

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