Sunday, January 10, 2010

How cool is that!

It was my usual busy Saturday after a hectic week at work. On Saturdays I make a 35+ mile round trip to visit with my mother, spend time with her, and take her shopping. On the trip back home I do my grocery shopping and stop for any errands that are on my agenda. So after an easy supper (leftovers from the night before), I cracked open the laptop and starting catching up on my favorite blogs.

Well, I'll be! My eyes widened and I had to re-read Crunchy Chicken’s post 3 times. That was me on there! I had won her giveaway of the No Impact Man book! (I couldn’t even get two matching numbers on a Powerball ticket. Maybe my luck is changing!)

I have read Colin’s blog for about a year and Deanna’s for much longer than that. They are two of the “lights” leading my path to eco-awareness, along with sooo many other environmentally conscious bloggers. There’s a lot to learn out there and a lot of good “teachers”.

What a surprise, and a nice end to my day. I'm hoping you all have some good surprises this weekend!