Monday, December 28, 2009


I often enjoy watching hawks circling high in the air, searching for prey. They gracefully glide on air currents, sometimes rising higher as they cover large areas. I am in awe of how they float in the air the way we walk on the dirt, fully supported.

Twice last week something happened that I had never witnessed before. At two different locations, while getting out of my car a hawk landed less than twenty feet away, capturing a small field mouse. Each time the bird looked at me before doing away with its prey.

Anyone who spends time out in Nature knows this is the way the world works, the food chain and all that. But when you live in a "city" moments like these stand out. When they happen within a short time frame, it becomes curious.

Seeing a hawk close up, in some cultural circles, is a "sign" to view things from a larger perspective, to look at all the options and ramifications. Now, I don't necessarily look for "signs", readings, or such, but it has me wondering. I am preparing for a change. Am I overlooking something?


Scattering Lupines said...

Wow. That's VERY interesting indeed. Neat that you know that little piece of info about hawks-- and even neater that you are being sensitive enough to listen to it. I think there's something to all that metaphysical, philosophical jazz, for sure!

We watched Planet Earth over the holidays and it was shocking to see animals catching their prey.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I LOVE watching hawks...and really LOVE owls..
saw 2 owls in a big cedar tree here last Fall....I got so excited...nothing like NATURE....

So good to hear from you, dear friend...

Wishing you peace as we approach New Years Eve...