Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Better list

It was one of those ‘Aha!’ moments. The light bulb above my head went on, just like it always did above Popeye’s head when he found the solution to saving Olive Oyl. Every year I set goals to reduce spending, eat healthy, and the likes of that. Actually, I have probably destroyed a few trees with all the lists of resolutions I’ve written and rewritten over the years. All those good intentions… Well, I’m still working on my 2010 resolutions so I’ll post those on New Year’s Eve as a farewell-to-my-old-bad-habits, and maybe-if-I-post-this-for-all-the-world-to-see-I’ll-stick-to-it. But today I’m publishing the Better list. These are things I want to do for ME, for fun.

1 – Attend 2 foraging walks with Wildman Steve Brill, one in the spring and one in early summer, when most of the new greens are up. From stories my mother tells about how her mom gathered wild greens, I have always wanted to learn more. What better way than a guided “hands-on” demonstration?

2 – Explore. I apologize right now for the carbon usage, but I love road trips. In 2010 I’m going to try some new areas. I’ve found some info on biking in Pennsylvania that I’d like to check out later this spring. And maybe this summer I’ll scout around the Adirondacks.

3 – Sign up for 2 continuing ed classes for fun. Beginners’ guitar, so that I’ll stick to my practicing, and maybe Beginners Italian.

4 – Dance. There were outside line dancing sessions on Thursday nights at Savin Rock last summer. Hopefully, they will be on again. If not, beginners’ ballroom dancing could be a possibility, but definitely not belly-dancing.

5 – Ride. I’ve wanted to ride in the Tour de Bronx FOR.EVER! This year, I’m on it!

6 – Walk, then run – slowly. I am SO inspired by Catra's blog. She has amazing quotes and she is always so positive. (Take a look at her incredible outlook by reading her post from December 8, 2009.) Not to mention how healthy she is from running and work outs! I’ll never do a 50k, but I can work up to a tour around the state parks. I have no excuse for being a slacker or complainer, considering what some folks have done to improve their lives.

The choices above are easily obtainable without great expense or extra supplies. Bike, check. Car, check. Guitar, check. Sneakers and shorts, check, check. All applicable fees will be budgeted, even if I have to eat PB & J for a month! (Or maybe I can learn to forage enough to cut back on my groceries?)

Disclaimer: This list is at the mercy of its owner. It may (and will) be expanded without notice.

Now tell, what FUN goals have you set for next year?


MyStory of HiStory said...

Oh how I wish I kept up w/ the guitar! And bike riding is such fun/good exercise! Judging by your list, your new year is shaping up to be so much fun visiting new places & doing new things!

Maria said...

Great list! Good for you. I don't have any lists right now. I need to get through Christmas...once the New Year is here, I usually settle on my goals.

Don't discount belly-dancing...I had discounted Zumba last year and lo and behold, I loved it so much, that I just got certified to teach it. You don't have to be a great, you just have to have passion!

Courtney said...

To be a better friend and put others first.
(scattering lupines. for some reason I'm signed in under my name today!)

I'll just give you the short list of the top items:

To live by gentle and kind words alone.

To eat sweets in more moderation.

To pray with more focus and consistency.

And I've been wanting to get out my old college French books and learn what I should've learned then. Next is Italian. I took one course at Auburn and another one summer in Florence, and I've already forgotten so much.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi MyStory,
I know you're very busy, but never say never to going back to the guitar!

Hi Maria,
You've got a full schedule, and becoming an instructor on top of it all!
I'll think about the bellydancing later....

Hi Lupines unmasked!
A nice list! I hope the language is fun. That's one I'm looking forward to!