Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Untitled (because I couldn't describe it in just a few words...)

Welcome to my morning commute.

Five weeks ago the city road crews trimmed the overgrowth on the sides of this highway and cleaned the litter. In 5 weeks, this is what has accumulated.

Since the grass will go dormant for the winter, this will be the last trim/cleaning for the year. Unfortunately, this will not stop the manmade growth of litter.

To add insult to injury, or rather – to add injury to Nature, the trimming process consisted of this:

It is, perhaps, the most offensive sight; a careless chopping of anything in the way. It must have been deemed more economical to slice through here rather than selectively cut back trees that crowded into the road. Which is also strange, because nothing here was even near the road.
Is this what we do for *convenience*, or was this a way to use funding from the stimulus package meant for road improvement? (Improvement?)