Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

This past weekend was not a quiet as I would have preferred. My plan was to adopt a slow pace for two whole days and enjoy a good book on the couch but that was not to be. It seems that when all the loose ends are tied, more pop up. This is probably an addendum to Murphy's Law. Saturday and Sunday were a mixture of errands and housework, partly in a drenching rain.

On more than one occasion I was tempted to compose a rant, especially after seeing how one actor in Hollywood owes several million dollars in mortgage payments and real estate taxes. It seems that he was duped by his financial manager, the mishandling occurring over several years. Ignorance is not an excuse. It is, after all, your money.

On the home front, the thorn in my foot is the company who supplies my internet…. or the company who sometimes supplies it…..usually erratically. I have had a modem from @!&! for almost two years. For the first year I also had a land line through them, however the phone number they assigned me had not been “retired” long enough so I received phone calls for the previous owner several times each day. Some of those calls were from an authoritative agency, which gave me concern. Then one day the line actually quit. I’ll skip the long story and end with how I told them to cancel my phone service immediately. The internet connection has not been much better. There are times when I have to keep logging off and on. I may be ending my association with them soon.

Enough about that. This weekend I accomplished some cleaning and sewing, and made the decision to start painting (rooms, not canvas). My walls are a beige-y color. (Is beige a color?) I'll be transforming the dull-ness by what I have always called "builder's white". I believe that condos, unless they are situated to face directly into the sun (SSW), tend to be dark.


Today we enjoyed a gloriously sunny day, which found me lunching at the park. I love how the geese stand in the middle of the road, ignoring the problem they are causing. I believe they must get distracted easily and forget how they ended up in the road, or where they were going, much to the dismay of the drivers.

Maybe we all need to stop hurrying and look around, even if it causes a delay sometimes.


MyStory of HiStory said...

There's nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to freshen/brighten/clean up a place. I like painting - once the tedious trim is done You see so much progress so quickly :) You get a lot of bang for your buck too! Have fun!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi MyStory,
Yes - I remember that you painted a bundle of rooms this year, and all within a week, wasn't it?!!! I don't think I can match that! I'll be taking about a month to get this done.....
Thanks for stopping by!