Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Past Due Tuesday (1)

My head was reeling with flashbacks after stumbling upon this blog last week. The link to farmlady's Ronson table lighter brought back dozens of memories that had been stored far back in my mind. My "We-had-one-of-those!" moment had me visualizing the room it was in. I decided to post a "Past Due Tuesday" entry the following week.

As I looked around my little dwelling, I saw everything there as if it was still in its "former" place. Each piece has a story, some of which I know personally, whereas others will always be a mystery to me. I chose a piece to include in my Past Due Tuesday post, a lamp that was in my family since before I was born. I took the obligatory photo and thought about what I would write. But while getting out a cereal bowl this morning a sparkle caught my eye. The salad bowl.

It's simple. It's common. There's nothing spectacular about it. I'm sure thousands of them still exist. But it was the bowl which my mother used to toss together a salad to go with supper. A simple salad. Lettuce, tomato, and cucumber perfectly seasoned with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. No recipe, she just poured and mixed, and it always came out right. The olive oil was not fancy, extra virgin. It was the big pink and silver gallon can. This was before the "healthy" corn oil revolution. The salad was made when supper was almost ready to serve so that the greens were crisp.

This bowl held more salads than I dare guess.

Now I use it to make a simple summer salad. But the dressing isn't quite right. It might be time to buy the big pink and silver can of olive oil. :)


Carrie Clayden said...

It's precious and I love the memories attached to it!!

True Blue Roomie said...

Oh So Sweet! So glad this bowl is still in your family and getting used! It would be fun to float flowers in it when you weren't using it for salads! Thanks for sharing in Past Due Tuesday!

Jan Ely said...

Glad you joined us, otherwise we would have missed out on seeing this darling bowl! Do you know what the pattern is called? My mother collected Imerial Cape Cod glass, and it looks like it may be from the same time period.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I Love the bowl. It reminds me of the pedestal glass dish I have of my grandmothers. She used it for the cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving...and now I do.

Nothing else ever goes in it...just cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving...I want to get it out tomorrow so I can look at it all of November....


farmlady said...

Welcome to PDT. I'm so glad that my post about the Ronson Lighter brought you so many good memories and prompted you to write a post for Past Due Tuesday.
This salad bowl is beautiful and holds more than salad and dressing in it for you. That's what old things do. They become the bridge between now and our past. They make memories.
Thank you for joining us.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello folks,
I'm glad you all enjoyed this post.
It can be the most simple of items that holds the most (memory) value to us.
Best wishes!