Monday, September 21, 2009

Road Trip: New England - part three

(Part three, please see parts one and two - posted earlier)

I visited with my youngest son and his girlfriend on Sunday morning before I left VT. It was a short visit this time but I had to find my way to the Cape, putting my faith in a printout from Mapquest.

There had been a street rod show nearby over the weekend and many of the participants were on their way home, so there was a lot of chrome and wild colors passing me on the highway.

The leaves have just started turning in northern New England. Only the dull, reddish-brown colors are out now, and the majority of the leaves (~90%) are still green.

I followed the Mapquest directions, surprised to find myself going straight through Boston.

I arrived at the Cape early enough to unload my car and go for a slow bike ride around the town, stopping for an ice cream cone. I decided to put my feet up and watch television, and save the sightseeing for Monday.

Monday morning I biked to a local diner for eggs, homefries, and coffee. Then I set out for the shore. After cycling through the town, I soon saw the brilliant blue water sparkling in the sun. I rode along the shore, riding into the wind that was blowing off the water, which was quite a work out. The air was filled with the heavenly perfume from the last of the beach roses (rosa rugosa). Chipmunks skittered across the path. Are they preparing for winter, or did the 77 degree temperature have them confused? It was interesting to see the platforms that have been built in natural preservation areas for the Ospry nests. They are protected by law, and encouraged to nest in these areas that have natural food for them.

Once I returned to town I walked my bike along the sidewalk, window-shopping. The clothes and jewelry were gorgeous. But then I started thinking about home. Should I stay another day or go home to my own four walls and bed? As nice as it was to go by my own internal clock instead of the one on the wall, I had accomplished my goal of sightseeing in New England, riding my bike on different paths, and going almost completely tech-free (cell phone excluded out of necessity.) I decided to go home.

I hadn't looked up directions to get back to CT, but had a general idea of following route 28 to 495, to 195, to 95.

It worked. "Connecticut Welcomes You" (through my very dirty windshield!)


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I really enjoyed your post on New England. How I long for it. I dream of it. Pretend I live in it.

Thanks for a road trip through my beloved New England !


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Kary,
But you live in such a beautiful state! And you write such interesting posts about it. (I wish I could go find a pumpkin at Mary's this year!)

I think it's great that we can "travel" on the internet by firsthand account of friends/fellow bloggers. Glad you enjoyed my drive.