Monday, September 21, 2009

Road Trip: New England - part one

Okay, so what am I doing home a day early? That's easy - when you're tired there's nothing like your own home.

My first stop on Thursday morning was for a bike ride on the Norwottuck Bike Path in Massachusetts, while most people were on their way to work. I enjoy the sights on bike paths that have been built on former railway trails. Trains wove their way through towns and countryside, behind businesses and homes. Passengers on the trains would catch a glimpse of the backyards of houses and backdoors of commerce; vegetable gardens and old advertising signs stacked out back. As a bike rider on these same trails, now I can see these pieces of America.

Here in New England you can find some great barns. As I took this photo, a rooster was crowing somewhere behind me.

This photo, if only it wasn't blurry, is an old truck just off the side of the path.

I rode past a few nurseries with acres of evergreen trees and bushes, and a few farms, but mostly woods and backyards. As on most bikepaths, there are usually a few restaurants that welcome two-wheeled passers-by. I'm keeping this one in mind for my next trip.

I only travelled about half the distance of the path, approximately 8 - 9 miles, and returned to my travelling, arriving in Burlington, VT around 3:00pm on a beautiful, sunny day. In appreciation of the weather, I took a 9 mile spin on the Burlington Bike Path (also a former railway line).

The evening was filled with happy grandchildren. Who could ask for anything more?

I've got more photos to post tomorrow - part two.

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