Friday, September 25, 2009

Heard on the news

This morning WCBS radio stated that more companies are turning to permalance positions rather than fill openings. So I looked for the definition.

“A freelance position that turns into a full time job without benefits.”
Quoted from the Urban Dictionary

In the past few years we have watched as benefits are being further reduced. Employers are passing along increases in healthcare premiums to the employees. Many have reduced percentages that they deposit into retirement accounts. Now the trend is to bring in free lancers, not having to provide a health care package or vacation pay. This is not referring to someone doing a journalism spot, but people brought in to answer the phone and enter data.

Does the corporate entity no longer have any responsibility for the people who perform the work? Do they consider the repercussions of a society of employees without benefits?

Yes, gone are the days of working for the same company until retirement and a pension. But in their desire to save money, this new method of operation leaves more people hanging by that thread; not funding 401Ks or having medical coverage. Which leaves our country that much less prepared for the future.

It's just a thought. But one that should be considered.

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