Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Some of the most powerful images from my trip are the wind turbines. I was surprised and very pleased to see three large turbines in the greater Boston area and one in Rhode Island. I had seen two in VT for the past few years, in Addison and Burlington. A resident of Addison explained that theirs was built to help defray costs of power at the school but surprisingly produced more power than the school building needed.

The one in the photo below "blends in" with the lightposts along the highway in Rhode Island. What looks like a third light post in the distance is actually spinning and generating energy. If these can be built in major cities, why are they being opposed in other parts of the country? As for the "eyesore" issue, I saw numerous cell phone towers that were by far less attractive.

I believe that we deserve to have clean energy and should be less dependent on foreign suppliers, whether it be genereated from wind or the sun. I'm keeping the faith that these will become a common sight instead of a novelty.

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MyStory of HiStory said...

I agree. In/near Palm Springs there is a "wind farm" w/ several windmills. I think it's SO neat! Pretty too - in it's own way.