Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday night at the shore

Some friends invited me along with them to go to Savin Rock tonight, explaining that it was a beach, walking path, park area. Always up for a walk by the shore, I was glad to go. To my surprise, this was no ordinary beach!
There's at least a mile long paved path along a clean sandy shore, with a few piers. The park is well groomed and family friendly.

They later explained that Savin Rock was once an amusement park and summer resort, so when I returned home I did some research on the internet. It turns out that this was one of the largest amusement parks in New England, started back in the Victorian times when people used to arrive by boat or horse drawn buggy, then later by trolley. It had several piers, like Coney Island or the old Atlantic City, and suffered ruin by fires. Laff in the Dark has a great site about the old rides that were there.

Hundreds of people had brought lawn chairs to listen to a band and some folks were dancing, including an elderly gentleman with plenty of energy! He was up there for every song. You can see him to the left of center, below, in a grey suit and dancing with the young woman. :)

There's a section of the park dedicated as a memorial to all those who fought in war for our country, with monuments to all the conflicts. This special one was fascinating - William A. Soderman, armed with a bazooka, defended a crucial road junction in Belgium against several tanks. Imagine the determination and strength it must take to do something like this.

This is another view of the Memorial section. Each of these posts is dedicated to a separate war.

I was slightly uneasy about taking pictures of the people and families there, but there were a lot! Everyone was spending a beautiful summer evening with friends, families, or loved ones. What a wonderful way to ease out of the work week and start the weekend.

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