Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buy Nothing Challenge August 2009 - week 4

Ah, the last full week of the Challenge. Upon reflection I could have done much better, but my conclusion is that I still need to refine my definition of "want vs need". I spent a bit of money (one Jefferson and George quintuplets) at a second hand store this week on a handful of vintage aprons, fabric from the 60's, and miscellaneous.

Aside from this wistful (not wasteful) purchase, on two mornings I purchased coffee and bagels on my way to work. And one day I purchased a sandwich and soda for lunch - just to get out of the office since we've been so busy lately. The flesh was weak on all those days. Perhaps I just had too much time on my idle hands?

My necessary purchases of the week were my grocery shopping, gas in the car, and a new mop since the lever on my old one had broken rendering it useless.

It was an interesting month. I will have to work on my spending.


Scattering Lupines said...

Hmmmm.... keep me updated on this one. I, too, have been considering a lot of "want vs. need", although I have not been ascetic about it as you. Do gifts count? If they are a gift just to give a gift? Thoughts? Opinions? I have always gone back-and-forth on that one.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi S.L.,
Gifts are a tough decision. Sometimes we are in a situation where we have no choice, like a co-worker's wedding shower. However, with close friends or family members we can go with our convictions. I like to give things that (1) will definitely be used by the recipient, (2) have little effect on the environment, like a gift card towards a service.