Monday, August 3, 2009


Earlier this summer I took a road trip to a bookstore in Niantic, CT. Not your everyday bookstore, but the Bookbarn and its second location, the Bookbarn Downtown. The original Bookbarn occupies a two-story house, several out-buildings and kiosks. They opened the additional storefront location in town to accomodate the size of the inventory.

The photo above was snapped from my phone in the Downtown store. The path you see here weaves through sections of music, cooking, history, religion, great writers (Shakespeare, amongst them) and so much more. Crafts and a large fiction collection are in the main Bookbarn, along with poetry, the childrens section, self-help, and books to tell you anything you want to know about gardening.

One of the best things about books is that you don't have to read the latest one. You can be entertained by something written before you were born. Writings over a century old can describe a place so vividly you will feel that you have walked across the town square and felt the cool evening breeze there. While it's worthwhile to keep up with the latest ideas, it's also good to keep these "previously loved" books in circulation.

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MyStory of HiStory said...

Looks like a great place to poke around in for hours :)