Saturday, July 18, 2009

August will be a "dry" month around here....

Even though my credit card debt is gone, my overall debt has increased dramatically. The insurance company declared my car a total loss and it had to be replaced. I took some of the pain out of the process by researching used vehicles online, and then drove to the dealer with printouts and reports in hand. I stuck to a predetermined price range but sadly, for the next five years, I owe.

Soooooo, to try to get through all this monetary mess I’ve joined the Buy Nothing Challenge for August 2009 on Crunchy Chicken’s blog. As of midnight July 31st, participants can only buy absolutely necessary items, including food (i.e. not fast food). I’ve done something like this before on my own, but never out in public, for the entire world to see! I’ll check in and post results on her blog as well as here.

Today I’ll attend my final rummage sale before padlocking my purse. After that, I may end up playing solitaire online for amusement. :)

Up for a challenge?

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