Saturday, June 6, 2009


It was busy at the Farmers' Market on Saturday morning. I was there early and found these beautiful squash blossoms. Finding this is so exciting when I can't grow my own, being in a condo. Most of these were stuffed for last night's dinner.

A few years back when I had a large garden, I enjoyed being able to scramble squash blossoms in an egg for breakfast. My middle son, the chef, told me how to cook these stuffed with herbed goat cheese, which is how they cook them at the restaurant. I dipped them in egg wash and flour and fried them in a little oil, and plated them with just a little marinara sauce. Holy moley! Where were these all my life??!! I cooked them for my youngest son, the student. We tried them with ricotta, chopped onion and parsley, and used salsa as the condiment. Excellent! Then I made some for my oldest son, the landscaper, and his family. This time I used cream cheese with chopped onion and bread crumbs, marinara on the side. They loved it.

Things like this are why I really miss my garden. There is nothing like fresh herbs and veggies. And there's nothing like the feeling you get after tending your garden, tired and drained, but happy.

Oh, yes - I had the last blossom this morning (Sunday), in my scrambled egg. Hopefully, next year I'll be growing my own. :)

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