Saturday, April 4, 2009

Over the past decade I have been lucky enough to have realized several small goals. I’ve been continuously employed. I’ve kept a roof over my head and food on the table. And I’ve enjoyed good health. These have all formed my little comfort zone. Now it’s time to step outside this zone. To have a more fulfilling life, I want to be able to move forward and go for a bigger goal.

My dream life would be living in a home with a parcel of land small enough to manage by myself, but large enough to grow most of my own food. Two acres of land would support a large enough garden space so that I could store a winter’s worth of canned and frozen goods. I have many years experience in gardening and canning, and miss the feel of the soil and the smells of the garden. A fruit tree or two, a few berry bushes, and some rhubarb could go a long way.

Also, I would like to become less dependent on outside employment and develop a secondary income. Some years back I shelved a desire to work in fabric and design, a dream which has been tapping on my shoulder lately. Maybe it’s not too late to finish that dream, or some variation of it. I refuse to spend my waning years wistfully counting my “should haves”.

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