Monday, March 30, 2009

Each day offers us a new beginning. Just as the winter snow that melts into spring, we can transition into our next season. This transition can be bumpy, encountering storms along the way. Shedding old beliefs and stepping ahead can be difficult. The unknown is always frightening. But in the end the skies brighten and show promise of a new morning.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A fork in the road

Throughout our lives we embark on a multitude of journeys. Some are intentional and others are accidental. We may not even be aware of where we are going until we get there.
I grew up in Connecticut believing I would have the typical role of working wife/mother complete with vacations and retirement in warmer climates. But here I am, single again, children grown and independent, working, and still a long way from retirement. Well, in the spirit of looking at things in a positive light - the World is my oyster!
With the economy in the pits and my 401K a laughing matter, I have decided to forge on. It would be easy to plod along, putting in my 9-to-5 until full retirement, which would allow me the pleasures of knitting all day while watching TV talk shows. As tempting as that sounds (not), I want something better. I can use everything I’ve learned to create a unique future, my future. A life with fresh air, green growing things, creativity, interaction, and being.